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Rainbow Hour

6pm is a magical hour at the studio, as the sun makes its way down it kisses the crystal balls hanging from the ceiling.

The entire space is filled with orbes and rays of the rainbow. The best.. is when one of the rainbows hits a specimen from the large collection of Gem Stones, Crystals and Geodes on display. 


Speak To Me

When a design comes enters my mind, the first thing to do is lay out the Gem Stones that compliment my vision.

It is both a spiritual and meditative experience. The right Gem, crystal or stone appears to be brighter than the others, it wants to be worn and adored. 

In that moment, the chosen piece begins its next journey


Ternary Herikmer

Playing with light is my top inspiration. 

Colors can compliment the skin and the objects we place on show. Ternary Herkimer was sold to an individual who asked for a statement necklace that has a subtle sparkle while still embracing glamour.